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Rescue Dogs | The Journey To Adopting Henna

February 28, 2020

For my very first blog post, I think it’s only fitting to talk about my puppy, my 10(ish) year old, sweet, sweet Henna. She is the inspiration for the name of this photography business, and I love her to pieces. I was in college when I was shopping around for dog to call my own. I went to several different shelters, pet stores, and a lot of websites looking for my perfect companion. There wasn’t a specific breed or dog type I had in mind, I just figured I would know when I found him or her. Being a broke @$$ college student, I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money, and besides, we embraced lovable mutts in our home growing up anyway.

Photos above: Shayne Culp Photography


I had found a yellow lab on a website, inquired about her, and got really excited waiting for a reply. The only thing was, her name was “Hannah”, and I didn’t really like that for a dog name. Hannah was my best friend in elementary school, not my new dog’s name. So, I decided then that IF I got her, maybe I could call her Henna, and she would still answer because it sounded pretty close to Hannah, right? I liked that. It was settled. I was going to get this dog and change her name to Henna. Well, when they finally got back to me, they broke the news that she had already been adopted. Back to the search.


Photos above: Amber Nicole Photo


I don’t think it was very long after that I found another interesting dog online from a pet shelter. So, I inquired and drove out there. It was someone’s personal property, like a farm. On the right side of the road was their home and a couple barns, across the street was a few more barns and trees.

We met the owner on the left side where there was a line of wooden dog houses, each with their own little fenced in exercise area out front. It was a setup I hadn’t seen before. But the owner went in and grabbed the puppy I was interested in, and pulled her out by her pink collar. She was terrified and dirty, but cute. Eyes darting everywhere, trembling. From what I could tell, she wasn’t angry or violent, she wasn’t barking or nipping at me. The owner told me that if it didn’t work out I could bring her right back here. Ok, whew, insurance policy, right? Not that I wouldn’t have a terrible time with my guilt to actually bring her back to the shelter, but if it didn’t work out, then someone else could possibly adopt her.

I learned they had picked her up from the side of the road and she was maybe around 1 year old, give or take, based on her teeth. She also was free, yep $0, $Free.99, no money down, no money to be paid. All that was required was that I sign a paper that said I would get her fixed. I probably should have read that document more thoroughly, but I didn’t, just gave my signature and scooped her up in the car.



She sat in my back seat, I swear she didn’t move (other than her shakes) the entire drive home. Didn’t relax or take a nap or anything. We got home and I opened the car door and she walked straight out to the grass and went to the bathroom. Hallelujah! She just might be potty trained!! What luck!! Next up, a good bath! She was real dirrrrrtyy!! I could see all of her ribs through her chest, and spotted a few fleas. I got her to the vet soon after and found she had two different types of worms, explaining her weight issue. So, got all the proper medication, and we’ve been best friends ever since <3 <3 (I didn’t get her fixed right away, remember I was broke, and I lost her for a few days on 2 separate occasions, but those are stories for another post!)


Photo: Amber Nicole Photo


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